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Collagen-Infused Ground Coffee

Collagen-Infused Ground Coffee

Bid farewell to distateful powders and bitter pills. Instead, unveil a golden sachet of Celestial Collagen Coffee, inhale the aroma, savor its essence upon your palate, and revel in the clinically proven virtues of powerful biotech collagen.

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Combining indulgence with a potent beauty ingredient, our collagen-infused coffee transforms your daily routine into a luxurious beauty ritual that nourishes both the body and the soul.

At Celestial Collagen, we're on a mission to liberate you from mundane beauty routines. No more tedious pills and powders; we believe in infusing every moment with joy, pleasure, and self-love. Our collagen-infused coffee transcends the ordinary, turning each sip into a luxurious and uplifting ritual.

Bid farewell to conventional collagen supplements that merely offer nutritional support but fail to trigger collagen production to combat the signs of aging in targeted areas. Unlike generic options, Celestial Collagen is committed to utilizing biotech collagen, scientifically engineered by the esteemed pharmaceutical company Gelita. 

Celestial Collagen Coffee features Verisol®, an advanced collagen peptide that specifically elevates the body's collagen production in fibroblasts (skin cells). You will experience a visible reduction in wrinkles, increased skin elasticity, thicker hair, and stronger nails—all backed by rigorous scientific studies.

Gone are the eras of rigid beauty regimens, self-restraint, and comparisons. Embark on a journey of nurturing, indulging in gentle yet effective self-care that will not only let your skin glow but your self shine.


Nutritional Information

Per 100g
energy 65kCal / 272KJ
fat 0g
carbohydrates 0g
protein 16g

Product Information

Each daily serving consists of 18g of ground coffee, which includes the recommended 2.5g serving of VERISOL®. This equals two scoops or four teaspoons of Celestial Collagen coffee powder.

For optimal coffee preparation using a French Press:

1. Boil 250-300ml of water, let it cool for 5 minutes, then pour it over 2 teaspoons of coffee for one cup, or 4 teaspoons for two cups.
2. Allow it to steep for 4-6 minutes (the longer it steeps, the stronger the coffee).
3. Press the plunger down and savor your purposeful celestial coffee.

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Crafting a smooth, long celestial coffee

If you seek a smooth coffee experience that lasts more than just a few sips, we recommend the elegantly uncomplicated art of the French Press. Through this enchanting method, the very soul of the ground beans unfurls in all its splendor.

  • Boil 250-300ml
  • Pour the water with a gentle hand, letting it cascade over two tea spoons of coffee grounds in a graceful, swirling motion.
  • Allow this concoction to steep for 4 minutes. Should you seek a potion of greater potency, lessen the water and extend the steeping.
  • Pause, amidst the symphony of fragrances, to savor this elixir without distraction, embracing its essence with mindful reverence.

May the radiant energy of this brew, the combination of traditional Italian craft and biotech-mastery, rekindle the light within your being and grace your essence with rejuvenation.

For a bolder potion such as espresso, cappuccino or latte

We recommend the use of a traditional stove-top espresso cooker for a more intense coffee experience, particularly if you cherish your coffee in the way of a latte or cappuccino.

Use 2 teaspoons on 150-200ml of water and let it heat up gently. When the water rises, turn down the heat slightly to make the coffee smoother.

Celestial Collagen Coffee with VERISOL®

The proven benefits of VERISOL® collagen


Scientific studies have demonstrated that a daily intake of 2.5g of Verisol® is effective in reducing wrinkle depth by 32% and wrinkle volume by 23%.


While increasing skin elasticity by 10% shown in representative studies skin waviness was decreased by 11% resulting in visible reduction of celulite.


2.5g of Verisol® proved to be effective in increasing hair folicle cells by over 30% resulting in visible thicker, fuller hair.


Scientific studies have shown an increase of nail growth rate by 12% and a reduction of broken nails by 42% with a daily dose of 2.5g of Verisol®