Our commitment to effective biotech

We seek to unveil transformations for you that transcend the realms of mere nutrition. We harness cutting-edge research and development of a leading biotech company for there proprietary collagen peptide formulations.

  • Conventional Collagen

    • Fulfills nutrional purposes only
    • Is only a building block protein
    • Cannot increase the body's collagen production
    • Does not target specific areas (e.g. skin)
  • Biotech Collagen

    • Is a bio-active ingredient that activates processes in the body.
    • Is a signaling peptide
    • Clinically proven to increase the body's own collagen production
    • Acts on specific cells (e.g. skin) to make targeted improvements

    Scientifically engineered collagen peptides that specifically boost collagen production in the skin.


    Scientifically engineered collagen peptides that specifically enhance collagen production in muscle cells for a reduction of body fat and increased muscle mass & strenght.


    Scientifically engineered collagen peptides that specifically trigger collagen production in joints.

Science meets indulgence

Gone are the days of inconvenient beauty routines; we believe in infusing every moment with joy, pleasure, and self-love. Through the simple pleasure of coffee and other delightful experiences, we offer an alternative that transcends the ordinary, turning each intake of potent ingredients into a luxurious and uplifting ritual.

Make your daily collagen more effective and enjoyable

No more bitter pills or inconvenient powders. With Celestial Collagen coffee your daily collagen intake is an indulgence from the moment you open the glistening bag and sense the aroma.
Simply prepare your coffee like you are used to and indulge in purposeful pampering.

Collagen Coffee